PUBLISHED 13th October 2022

Trotro & Zaza in the Top 3 for buyers at Cartoon Forum

Trotro & Zaza, the pre-school project developed by Ellipsanime Productions based on the
illustrated books by Bénédicte Guettier (Gallimard Jeunesse), was presented last week at Cartoon
Forum. The project was number 3 in pitching sessions in terms of buyers present in the room.
The pitch was in the largest pitching room and had 55% of all attendees.

“We knew that Trotro was really well known, and we were convinced of the potential of the new
adaptation we had. But the reception we had from the delegates and the interest shown by buyers
for the project vastly exceeded our expectations”, said Caroline Audebert, Managing Director of
Ellipse Animation, and Lila Hannou, VP creative Development and Strategy at Ellipse Animation.

“Particularly as the offer for young children was unusually high this year at Cartoon Forum, with 20
projects out of a total of 80. We owe a big thanks to Bénédicte Guettier, who created Trotro & Zaza
and is the graphic author of the series, to Alexandre Coste who will be directing, and to Gaëlle Guiny
who is producing it at Ellipsanime Productions, for coming to Toulouse with us and for giving such
a warm presentation of the project. We’re looking forward finishing off doing the rounds before
going into production”, they added.

Trotro is one of the biggest pre-school IPs of the past 20 years. The Trotro series, which won the
Unifrance Audiovisual Export Award in 2017, is currently broadcast around the world, as well as
being on leading platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. On YouTube, Trotro has
generated more than 700 million views and gained more than 1 million subscribers in the 8
languages available.

In this new series of 78 x 3’30 episodes, children will be reunited with the famous little donkey at a
time when he has to take on a big challenge: becoming a big brother to Zaza.



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