PUBLISHED 11th January 2024

Italian Producer Studio Campedelli Joins Ellipse Animation

Ellipse Animation is happy to announce its majority shareholding in Studio Campedelli.

Founded in 2008 by Pietro Campedelli and currently run by Anne-Sophie Vanhollebeke and Valeria Brambilla, this Italian production company based in Milan and Turin specialises in the creation and production of animated audiovisual content, such as the series Calimero.

The acquisition of Studio Campedelli marks another important step in Ellipse Animation’s growth strategy and the development of Média-Participations, which is already present in the animation industry in France and Belgium (Belvision, Dreamwall). By adding this new studio to its portfolio, Ellipse Animation is consolidating its presence on the global market. For Studio Campedelli joining a fast-growing group means it will increase its international visibility and growth.

“This acquisition is a unique opportunity for us to combine our talents to create and produce new quality stories together, with the ambition of touching the hearts of audiences around the world,” said Caroline Audebert, Managing Director of Ellipse Animation. “It is also a great step forward for the European ecosystem of the audiovisual branch of Média-Participations, which is continuing its growth.”

“It will be a pleasure for us to work with Caroline, Lila and their fantastic team, with whom we share the same professional ethics and content development strategies. I would like to thank Pietro Campedelli for giving us this great opportunity to work together to take on the future challenges of the global entertainment market,” said Anne-Sophie Vanhollebeke and Valeria Brambilla.

Ellipse Animation is already working with the talented Campedelli studio on the series Versailles Unleashed currently in production for France Télévisions and on the feature film Prendiluna, which is currently in development.

“We are particularly honoured by the trust placed in us by Mr Campedelli,” said Julien Papelier,
Deputy CEO of Média-Participations
. “He has contributed so much to the success of his studio, which is a real benchmark for Italian animation. He can rest assured of our commitment to developing it even further.”

“I founded Studio Campedelli in 2008 after working as an executive producer of animated series for Italian companies, including Studio Laganà’s Lupo Alberto, the first series co-produced by RAI. The pleasure of seeing the professionalism of the staff I hired grow has enabled me to give them ever greater responsibilities and to attract the interest of a group the size of Média-Participations. To promote the development of the new group, I have decided to sell my shares to Anne-Sophie Vanhollebeke and Valeria Brambilla, who will be able to guarantee a fruitful future for what we have built. Before I leave the stage, I must thank the President, Julien Papelier. I am delighted to know that my company is now in experienced hands that will ensure the international growth of Studio Campedelli”, concluded Pietro Campedelli.

About Studio Campedelli

Studio Campedelli was founded in 2008 by Pietro Campedelli with the aim of developing properties, acquiring rights and creating animation content with strong international potential. Its offices are located in Milan and Turin, two major centres for training, technology and digital innovation in the audiovisual sector.

With a creative and managerial team with consolidated skills in the field of animation, the studio produces original, innovative and diverse content in terms of style and format for cinema, television and platforms. Teamwork, sharing of ideas and openness to collaboration with foreign partners are the essential ingredients enabling the studio to guarantee the quality, originality and internationality of its productions.

Its latest projects include the CGI TV series Calimero (104×11’), in co-production with Gaumont Animation, TV Tokyo, Kodansha, Calidra, Pagot; Atchoo! (104×11’), in co-production with Cartobaleno, Cosmos Entertainment and Digitoonz; OPS – Orrendi per Sempre, in co-production with Movimenti Production and Cosmos Animation; Tip the Mouse (78×7’), in co-production with Studio Bozzetto, RAI Fiction, m4e and Giunti Editore.


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