PUBLISHED 4th April 2024

The Smurfs and the Magic Grimoire 4D ride is arriving at Parc Spirou Provence

Peyo Productions and Ellipse Animation are coproducing a new 4D ride, The Smurfs and the Magic Grimoire, for the opening of the 2024 season at Parc Spirou Provence on April 6.

In 2024, Parc Spirou, the benchmark theme park for the world of comics located in Southern France, a few kilometers from Avignon, will open a brand-new area entirely dedicated to the Smurfs. For the occasion, a new 3D ride combined with 4D effects will plunge visitors into the heart of a never-before-seen adventure in the world of the famous little blue creatures.

Ellipse Animation and Peyo Productions are continuing their journey together following the success of the first two seasons of The Smurfs, the animated series broadcast in France on TF1 and in over 150 countries worldwide. A third season of the series is currently in production.

Ellipse Animation has already worked with the park, making the films for the Marsu Aventures and Supergroom rides when the Park opened in 2018.

We are thrilled to be producing another ride for Parc Spirou. The world of the Smurfs has so much more to reveal,” promised Caroline Audebert, Managing Director of Ellipse Animation. “Our expertise in 3D animation for series and feature films means that we can expand our content formats, and we would like to thank the teams at Peyo Productions and Parc Spirou for putting their trust in us.

What smurftastic news to see our favourite little blue creatures back in France to brighten the hearts of both children and adults with this fantastic lively adventure” adds Véronique Culliford, Founding President of Peyo Productions. “We are delighted to continue our excellent collaboration with the teams from Ellipse Animation!

The characters in the series, who are already well-known by fans, will be making their very first appearance at the park. With the help of the audience travelling on the Smurf Bus invented by Handy Smurf, Smurfmeteorite, Bubble Smurf, Smurfstorm and lots of other Smurfs and Smurfies from the Elite team have to save the village by getting back the book of magic spells that Gargamel has stolen.

Welcoming to the Smurfs to our 100% comics world at Parc Spirou Provence is a major event. The whole story of the Smurfs and Peyo, their creator, are closely linked to the Journal de Spirou and Dupuis,”said Hervé Lux, Managing Director of Parc Spirou Provence.“Our visitors, whatever their age, can’t wait to experience rollicking new adventures alongside the Smurfs. Gargamel is never far away!

Technical information

Name: The Smurfs and the Magic Grimoire

Director: Arnaud Janvier (Pogmentary, Piggy Tales, Seven And Me…)

Production: Peyo Productions and Ellipse Animation

Technique: Stereo 3D with 4D effects

The Adventure: “The Smurfs are in danger! Gargamel has created vortices with his book of magic spells and has kidnapped some Smurfs. Go through the shrinking capsule and join the elite team to chase him through incredible worlds! Float in the magic glowing forest, loop-the-loop through the canyons… Your mission is to help the Smurfs escape and get back the book of magic spells!”   


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